Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Start pushing back on media early

Josh Marshall flags some shameless shilling for John McCain from the Associated Press. We've seen this enough times in enough elections to know the biased reporting has only just begun.

Well, we need to start pushing back early. Four years ago, Sinclair Broadcasting made plans to show false and misleading Swift Boat reports. The netroots mobilized and pushed back hard. Sinclair had to back off, their stock dropped and they were shown to be Republican shills.

Well, let's not wait until they do their worst this year! We need to get some net activism going on the AP's false reporting and on others (remember the AP's record of biased reporting with John Solomon). You can act today by sending and email to the AP at info@ap.org .

The request should be for a retraction and a correction. Remind them what stakes they're playing with by helping a Presidential candidate obscure his real goals on a major policy issue.

You can call their offices directly, but please don't attack the people on the phone. Be firm, but not nasty. The AP New York phone number is 212-621-1500 (ask for the comment line and then ask for a supervisor). The DC Bureau is 202-641-9400. Yes, they will try to give you the run around.

Let them hear from you!

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