Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Only John McCain Can Talk About His POW Experience (Unless You're Praising Him)

Remember! McCain "doesn't like to talk about when he was a POW"!

He hates doing that! Honest John is shooting you straight when he says he "doesn't like to talk about when he was a POW."

He hasn't just done it at the Saddleback Church! A man with such fortitude and character as John McCain wouldn't have prepared remarks talking up how he was a POW. John McCain sure wouldn't make a campaign video of his capture by the North Vietnamese , because he doesn't want to talk about it!

When the media keep repeating something over and over again, you know it must be true!

All you Republicans now join in on the mass deceit! Bleat along with Republicans: "John McCain hates talking about being a POW!"

But wait! McCain, his campaign and surrogates do talk about being a POW, all the friggin' time! Maybe he just has no self-control? just what we want to hear about a hothead!

Well, just because John McCain talks about his POW experience as the reason he should be President, doesn't mean we can! After all, McCain needs this narrative to be written in stone.

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