Thursday, October 02, 2008

Biden Sails Past Palin

Well, that was not as painful a Vice Presidential debate as I expected.

On style, Sarah Palin was only really painfully awkward a couple times. She proved she could loosely string together talking points to make it seem like she was engaging in debate.

But... she embraced Dick Cheney's looney "fourth branch" theories of the Vice Presidency. She repeatedly and falsely accused Joe Biden of lying. She embraced Bush and McCain. She got the name of the commander in Afghanistan wrong and stubbornly lied about his opposition to a surge in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden knocked it out of the park. He demonstrated mastery of the issues with passion for doing the right thing.

And Biden took McCain apart. Not a Maverick on health care, on Iraq, on education. Nice riff! And the Obama-Biden campaign backs it up.

Palin could show she could talk without complete embarassment for an hour and a half. Biden showed that the Obama-Biden campaign is ready to lead America back to international respect, back to economic solvenccy and ahead to great environmental security.

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