Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bravery in opposing torture

Okay, now I am happy to speak out against torture and torture-enabling policies and ideas.

But, Matthew Alexander lays it on the line. He actually was an interrogator in Iraq, did the job humanely and with better results than the "Dark Side" devotees. The Pentagon is trying to censor him and he's fighting back.

And, he says stuff like this:

My experiences have landed me in the middle of another war -- one even more important than the Iraq conflict. The war after the war is a fight about who we are as Americans. Murderers like Zarqawi can kill us, but they can't force us to change who we are. We can only do that to ourselves. One day, when my grandkids sit on my knee and ask me about the war, I'll say to them, "Which one?"

Barack Obama holds out a lot of hope that we can put this morally corrupt period behind us.

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