Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So much for Change we can believe in

Joe Lieberman was a terrible Chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. He held no hearings on the many abuses and corrupt acts by the Bush Administration in regards to "homeland security," Katrina, war on terror, etc.

There is a very real likelihood that he will use the seat now to stick pins and needles into Obama-Biden and cause Republican mischief. There is no mention I can find in press reports that Lieberman has changed anything in his approach. His first public statement was denial.

There's no change here, as Obama promised the American people. Instead, Obama protected Lieberman!

Then there's the question of the Democratic passion to stick it to their base to show the Villagers they are worthy of a pat on the head. Progressive Democrats must be independent of the official Dem party. That means giving contrbutions to MoveOn and DFA and not a dime for the DSCC.

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